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Princess In Love and Tears

Just Keep Smiling

Princess Nana
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Hello, My name is Lexi (Na-Nuh) and I am the kween of Horror Movies

If you know me from school, you obviously don't know me.

..and contrary to popular rumors, I'm not a lesbian

ATTENTION! If I don't know you, don't add me. It's weird.

Most important comes Bert McCracken. Then you.

I am eat-your-heart-out in love with David dorkus.

If not for music I would be dead.

I'm an Alto. Try to shut me up.

Shipping is better then sex.

It would really make me happy to throw hydrochloric acid at your eyeballs.

I am a Liberal and, yes, I have a pussy <3

Samuel L. Jackson is the new Chuck Norris

I am waging a worldwide war against veganism

I ♥ Power Rangers and Digimon.

I think Churros look like penis.

I'm a special breed of person that indulges in everything. I love bloody movies, Paris Hilton and anime. I'm blindly faithful and passionate about what I love and hate. I'm single. My real fake life goal is to become the first horror movie actress to win an Acadamy Award. I am singing in a band called "The Jackhearts". My best friends are creatures of the sea. If you don’t know me very well, you’ll probably hate me.